The 6th shizuoka International toranslation Competition

Guide for Applicants

 Application Procedures
We welcome applicants of all nationalities and ages.Eligibility excludes individuals who
have previously published translations of literary works or similar materials(including
joint translations by two or more translators).

How to Apply
Complete the stipulated application form,attach your translation and proof of personal identity,and forward those items to the Secretariat. E-mail applications will not be accepted. Translations must be submitted on A4 size(or8−1/2×11inch)sheets,typed on the paper with the shorter side at the top,using 35 lines per page and 1.5cm(2/3inch) margins on either side.Submitted translations will not be retumed.

Official Application Rules
Translation Subjects
Applicants are asked to choose one work of fiction and one critical review from the following titles,for translation and submission as a set of two translations.

Fiction(Short Stories)
Title Author Source
「Fuyu no Ume」 Shibaki Yoshiko Fuyu no Ume(shincho bunko
Hikoki ga Kekko ni Natte Kawamoto Saburo Aoi Osara no Tokubetsu Ryori
Nihon Hoso Shuppan Kyokai
「Mukudori」 Furui Yoshikichi Mukudori(Chuko Bunko
Critical Reviews
Title Author Source
「Niku」 Tamura Ryuichi Boku no Ukiyoburo(Shueisha Bunko
「Sanetomo no Kubi」 Karaki Junzo Azuma Michinoku(Chuo Koron Shinsba
Shijin to no Kaiko Kawakami Tetsutaro Watakushi no Shi to Shinjitsu (Ushio Bunko)

The application package,containing all the above texts,will be mailed to you upon request (free of charge)!!

Target Languages
English,French and Chinese (select one target language).
*Translations may be attached with explanatory notes.

Application Deadline
To be eligible,Submitted translations must be received at the following address by no later than December 10,2006.

Submission Address and Contact
Secretariat for the Executive Committee of the Izu Literature Festival
Culture Department,Shizuoka Prefectural Board of Education,
9−6 Ohtemachi,Aoi−ku,Shizuoka-shi,Shizuoka-ken,420−8601,Japan
TEL+81-54-221-3109 FAX+81-54-250-2784

 Prizes/Awards Ceremony
Prizes(awarded for each target language)
Grand Prize/one winner
Certificate of commendation,¥1,000,000 prize money,grant for study in Japan(one year).
Distinguished Translation Award/two winners
Certificate of commendation,¥300,000 prize money.
Distinctive Merit Award/two winners
Certificate of commendation,¥100,000 prize money.
(1) Grand Prize winners in each target language category will receive grants to study in Japan for one year at a university or other institute within Shizuoka Prefecture.This offer shall be limited to individuals able to participate in such a study course within one year after the conclusion of this competition.

Relevant taxes under Japanese law shall be deducted fromthe aforementioned cash prizes.

Winners will be notified of the competition results by the end of July 2007.

Awards Ceremony
(1) The Awards Ceremony will be held in Shizuoka Prefecture in the fall of 2007,With Winners of the Grand Prize and Distinguished Translation Awards in all target languages invited to attend,
(2) Winners invited to attend the ceremony will be requested to arrange for their own passports,visas and other travel documents.
Chairperson Donald Keene
Professor Emeritus,Columbia University
English translation judges Ooka Makoto
Poet,member of Japan Art Academy
Janine Beichman
Professor,Daito Bunka University
French translation judges Awazu Norio
Literary critic, French literature scholar
Patrick De Vos
Assistant Professor,University of Tokyo
Chinese translation judges Fujii Shozo
Professor,University of Tokyo
Chen Shumei
Assistant professor,Tokyo University of Technology